Aduro LED Mask

Enjoy Clear Skin with LED Light Therapy

How Does It Work?

Our skin consists of thousands of cells that are responsive to different forms of light. Light therapy engages these cells to promote a higher performance on a cellular level through increased DNA-RNA activities.

With an increased in activity it naturally creates a release of Nitric Oxide within the body. 

Having an increase release of Nitric Oxide promotes an excelled rate of skin healing and regeneration, it also helps to alleviate inflammation.

LED Light therapy on top of the above excites cells to harness their own energy to activate fibroblasts which as a bi-product produce collagen and elastin proteins.

Each treatment is undertaken with different colours (8 in total) that all do something different to the next.

Our technicians will be able to assist you with selecting the right treatment. On average the frequency of sessions can range from 1-4 visits per week.

The treatment is completely safe and not harsh on the skin, so that means no downtime from your treatment.

Color Functions Explained

The Aduro LED Light Therapy have a total of 8 different treatments that cater to a wide range of needs.


Combats wrinkles and increases collagen production.

Evens Skin Tones

Helps to even skin complexion, for a more natural appearance.


Promotes a more brighter glow for radiant skin.

Cell Rejuvenation

Reduces sunburn, Inflammation and rosacea.

Skin Booster

Infra-Red treatment penetrates into the skin for an amplified treatment.


Aids in the reduction of swollen capillaries.

Reduce Redness

Reduces sunburn, Inflammation and rosacea.


Aids to reduce acne and eliminates acne causing bacteria from the skin.

Is It Safe?

LED Light therapy is 100% Safe. Led Light therapy is non invasive and completely safe with zero downtime after each visit. So book today, you’ll be blown away by the positive effects achieved with LED Light Therapy.


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