Albury Massage

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Treat Yourself to a Massage!

Are you feeling a little stressed and run down?

Then why not treat yourself to one of our hugely popular Albury Massages?

All of our technicians are highly experienced in providing full body, neck and shoulder massages.

Types of Albury Massage

Our main goal for each therapeutic massage is to relax the entire body. Our  techniques of massage include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, kneading, stretching and bending. We use quality aromatherapy massage oils to further aid in complete relaxation.

Neck & Shoulder Massage!

Our neck & Shoulder massages are ideal for ladies suffering from built up tension, neck stiffness which is usually caused by stress, computer use and poor posture.

Our Albury Neck & Shoulder Massages are tailored to provide the relief of stress, improved movement, healing of strains and to promote restorative function.

Neck Massage in Albury
Full Body Albury Massage

Full Body Massage!

Our full body Albury Massage is one of our most popular services we offer.

Each of our full body massages focus on warming the muscle, releasing tension and lightly breaking up muscles (knots).

We will always ask if there are any areas that need special attention prior to commencing the massage.

Benefits of an Albury Massage

Reduced Stress

Proven to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Improved Circulation

Improve circulation in your neck and shoulders or other target areas with our Massage Services.

Improved Skin Tone

With improved circulation it has a positive effect on your skin tone, leaving you looking fresh and vibrant.

Increase Joint Mobility

A common bi-product of therapeutic massages is improved mobility and flexibility.

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Visit: 2/525 Sanders Rd, Lavington NSW 2641