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At Mirror Mirror Hair & Beauty, we love to please our customers through transforming their nails into a complete masterpiece.

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We offer a stunning variety of finishes and colors from local and international suppliers. There isn’t a look we can’t achieve!


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Shellac Nails in Albury


Shellac Albury Nails are a precise blend of nail polish and gel. It’s quite similar to a polish, however it cannot be used as a way to extend your nails. Being Gel Like it adds strength and durability and is much lighter on your nails in the long term.

These nails are not as prone to chipping and a great longer lasting option.

Cost: $35 for a full set of nails.
Application Time: 45 minutes to an hour.
Average Lifespan: 2-3 Weeks, then a fill will be required.
How to Remove: We use acetone, aluminum foil and a cuticle pusher for an effective removal.

Gel - Vogue Nails

Gel Nails can be easily applied over natural or fake nails. Another great feature of gel is it can also be used to extend the length of the nail. Once the length of the nail has been increased, they can be sculpted and shaped similar to an acrylic.

Cost: Standard Set $50. Blingy Set $60 per application.
Application Time: 2 Hours + 
Average Lifespan: 3-4 weeks before requiring a refill.
Removal: A return visit to our salon will be required to remove gel nails. Our nail technicians gently and carefully remove the gel with an electric file. The nails are wiped clean with remover.

Gel Nails in Albury

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