Eyebrow Threading

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Enjoy Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Take advantage of the precision shaping of eyebrow threading provided my Mirror Mirror Hair & Beauty.

Eyebrow threading involves the shaping of the eyebrow through the use of a thick, single use anti-bacterial thread that’s twisted on itself. Then the thread is carefully glided through the brow to give it your desired shape.

In the process the thread removes the hair from the follicle without causing any damage to the skin, leaving a perfectly shaped brow. No harsh chemicals, or waxes are no longer needed to achieve that perfect look.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel relieved knowing you’re in the hands of true professionals.

Threading Vs Waxing

Eyebrow Threading allows the technician to shape your eyebrows with far better laser like precision and control. Not only is threading a more precise way of shaping eyebrows, its much gentler on the skin as it removes the hair without damaging the delicate skin around the brows.

Whereas waxing rips the delicate skin off surrounding the eyebrows each time. Not only that waxing is a little harder to use to create the perfect look when compared to threading.

Threading is perfect for people currently on acne medications or suffer from sensitive skin, whereas waxing should be used with caution. Your defined eyebrows last for up to 4 weeks and the new hairs grow back thinner each time.

Your eyebrows look defined, as it takes out the smallest of hairs out from its follicle with results lasting up to four weeks with new hairs growing back thinner.

It is a common misconception that threading removes one hair at a time similar to tweezing. But this is not the case, threading can remove short lines of hair in a single stroke which reduces the pain.

Why Choose Us

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Over 6 Years Threading Experience

Our Beauty Technician Alka, has been practicing threading for over 6 years and quite literally shaped hundreds of eyebrows to perfection.

Alka first learnt her trade in India where it was first developed.

If you’re after total piece of mind then you’re in safe hands with Alka.

All threading materials are single use, completely sanitised and environmentally friendly.

Our prices are fair and reasonable, so book with us today to be blown away.


Visit: 2/525 Sanders Rd, Lavington NSW 2641