Albury Waxing

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Stay Smooth For Longer!

At Mirror Mirror Hair & Beauty, we love to please our customers through providing long lasting, hair free results.

We only use the best quality waxes money can buy, with complimentary towelettes provided to freshen up prior to commencing.

Our waxing technicians will advise you on the best post care lotions to apply to soothe and conceal any post waxing redness.

Prior to your arrival, we give sound advice on what preparation is required before, during and after your appointment.

It’s with this approach that allows us to consistently provide 5 Star Albury Waxing Services. Enjoy Nothing but clean, beautifully smooth and lasting results – book today.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel relieved knowing you’re in the hands of true professionals.

Preparing For Your Albury Waxing Appointment

Check Your Skin..

Before your arrival for your waxing appointment, do a skin check to see if you have any skin conditions.

Any broken skin or inflammation needs to be completely healed before you’re ready to wax. Please remember to point out any tender beauty marks and skin spots so they can be properly protected during the waxing process.

While our waxing specialist will usually spot these areas, it fast tracks the process if you point them out upon arrival.

Let it Grow..

It’s a good idea to keep your hair at the right length for a more pleasant waxing experience.

Having hair between 2.5-3mm in length or 2-3 weeks of growth is ideal for waxing. If its too short or too long the wax can struggle to adhere to the hair and cause more pain in the removal process.

The exception to the above rule is fine facial hair, try and let that grow out for as long as possible.

Gently Exfoliate & Moistorize Until Day Before

On the lead up to your waxing appointment very lightly exfoliate the area’s you’re going to be getting waxed. It allows the wax to better adhere to the hair, but remember not to go overboard on exfoliating as it can make your skin overly sensitive.

On the lead up to your Albury Waxing Appointment it’s a good idea to keep your skin healthy and well-moisturized. Healthy, well-moisturized skin provides a more pleasant waxing experience. Well moisturized skin allows the wax to release from the surface easier.

But your skin should be moisturizer free on the day of your appointment as it can interfere with the wax adhering to the hair being removed. Very Important.


“I’ve been coming back since my first wax, perfect every time.” – Erika H – Lavington

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